About Us


Credit Insurance BrokerCredit Insurance International Risk Management, Inc (CII) was founded in 1991 by Joel Berman.  He has been involved in providing Credit Insurance for his clients since 1972.  He began his career as an agent of one of the largest providers in the industry after graduating from Bernard Baruch College of the City University of New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

As the credit insurance product evolved, Joel recognized that there were many additional, important policy options available that he could offer to his clients by becoming an independent broker.  When Joel began selling credit insurance, over 35 years ago, there were only two carriers, in addition to the government.  Today there are thirteen providers of credit insurance products, plus the government. Since its earliest days, credit insurance has always offered coverage for accounts receivable, both for insolvency and delinquency, on domestic sales.  As the demand increased for international and political risk coverage, the number of providers offering these types of insurance increased dramatically.

CII has always been in the forefront of utilizing the most current and client responsive coverages available.  By doing so, credit insurance can provide the collateral enhancement necessary to assist clients in obtaining optimal borrowing arrangements. As a result of the use of credit insurance, clients’ borrowing relationships with their lenders are greatly facilitated.

CII has developed a well established and respected reputation within the banking and accounting communities.  Joel Berman functions as an esteemed colleague and intermediary on behalf of his clients when they seek alternative credit arrangements.

Dedication, integrity and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of CII’s work in the insurance and financial communities.

For further information contact Joel Berman at 631-265-6570 or email joelberman@creditinsuranceintl.com